Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Isabella & Arthur

Isn't this strange? These people weren't ever alive at the same time. I wonder if this cemetary plot was just Isabella, alone with an empty neighboring heart, until 27 years later when Arthur came to her side. A grandmother and her grandson? Family thrift? Victims of time warp? This is a good posting for today, April Fools Day (this morning I told the Student Accounts receptionist that I was going to settle my account before saying "April Fools!" and giving her my measly monthly payment). I took this picture at Colma back in the fall and then made a drawing of the lichen in the letters. It was only halfway through the drawing that I realized that something with the dates was amiss and then thought it was pretty amazing how Isabella and Arthur had pulled the wool over my eyes. If you haven't I suggest reading the Griffin and Sabine trilogy, a beautiful Nick Bantock series that charts the correspondence of two people who have never met. If you're into mail like me, you should also check out an artist named Donald Evans who draws articulate arrangements of real and fantastical postage stamps.

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