Monday, April 20, 2009

cup of joe

In response to some complaints that the scale of my work has been consistently polite, I made this drawing of coffee stains, about 5 feet wide and 4 feet tall. The idea was one I actually started in college and never completed (it was suggested that it didn't fit in with any of my other work, which was true, but how I wish I had been encouraged to make mistakes more at Wesleyan-- I would, without a doubt, be farther along today if I had made them then). I like this piece for it's impoliteness but also for how it relates to my other projects. It talks about a complete immersion in a mundane object/occurrence, about obsession and ritual, time and presence. It raises the stain to the next level-- the stain no longer exists as the interruption of cleanliness, but as the complete composition. This is the biggest piece I've done this year. Funny that I chose stains to be the subject matter, as opposed to something more respectable and grandiose. Goodbye, manners.

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