Sunday, April 5, 2009


Open Studios was fun and I'm excited to get back to work in my studio. My advancement review is this Thursday, so until then I'm taking it easy, keeping the studio clean and getting some paper-writing done. A couple of weeks ago I got this picture and thought I'd try to draw only his freckles, an idea I once tried with my own, with Sarah Lipkin's and then again with Emmet Moseley's-- all attempts failing miserably, usually because the person didn't want to sit for that long with their shirt off and because drawing freckles from pictures is hard. Now that I have a scanner, everything is different-- it's totally revolutionized my ability to figure out what size I want to draw things before starting and helps me keep in scale. Last weekend I went up to the Headlands to help Desiree Holman finish some of her drawings for her upcoming show and she showed me how she overlays a grid on her pictures in photoshop to help her draw from them- a system I might try someday.

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