Thursday, April 2, 2009

Steve's last mousy breath

I got this update on the pet mouse I took care of for almost the entire two years I lived in Portland, named Steve. Randi took this picture of me holding him as we sat in the car in front of the house of the first grade teacher who adopted him one morning last May.

Hi Mara,
We were happy to give him a good home and he seemed to be a happy little mouse. Unfortunately, he developed a tumor of some sort and passed away last fall. He didn't seem to be in any pain and was eating and playing right up to the last. Hope things go well for you in San Francisco.

So sad! Steve was a silly pet I relieved the family of someone I worked with at Powells Bookstore who had too many pets and children of. He lived with me at 826 Roselawn, 3525 Washington, 4327 Long and 2434 Ankeny. Right before I gave him away a cat got into my apartment and knocked down his terrarium sending it shattering accross the kitchen floor, so the last week I owned him he lived in the bathtub.

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