Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enough is enough

On Thursday Allison Smith told our class that she has found the graduate student work at CCA very conservative, tight-laced, and frugal. I don't know how my peers interpreted that, but it totally burned me and made me sort of sad. But it also made me anticipate and envision bigger projects and bolder commitments. For example. Whatever sort of quilting project I choose to do has got to be bigger than a quilt. And if I do a small drawing there had better be a quite a few more related ones marching up behind it. I'm glad to get this kind of criticism because it ruffles my feathers and makes me uncomfortable enough to make some changes. Like this kid in the picture. You can tell from that crazed look in his eyes that he knows it's time to get out of that chair.


analisagoodin said...

Wonderful vignette! I loved how the image was brought in, sort of by surprise, at the end. And how fitting!
Sounds like an important lesson, anyhow.

Anonymous said...

ouch.. I hear that she is quite the hard nut to crack.