Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Arrivals and departures

In class on Monday we talked about an article by David Eng who draws connections between displacement of queer identity within a heterosexual model of ideal citizenship to the experience of the Asian American male who struggles between misplaced cultural stereotypes and disengagement from nationality. One word that kept coming up was "arrival," as in queers and Asian Americans not being able to access arrival into "wholeness," stuck in between identities. I'm suspicious that there is a structural problem with the concept of "arrival" as something that is attained in adulthood and think that a better model of passage would be a continuous one where arrival is neither sought nor accepted. It seems that the only arrival we all share is that at the end of our life, and we, as a nation, should focus on making sure that that arrival occurs at the end of a life full of opportunity, experience and fairness. The idea that there is one ideal destination or concept of stability seems dangerous and insulting to a celebration of diversity.

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