Monday, April 6, 2009

celebrity sighting!

I got this picture last year at a small store called SMUT in Portland. They had a suitcase full of snapshots that I perused through once a week on my day off from the gallery. I picked out this one and several others for a project I was doing, and afterwards I met up with Lydia and Vanessa to get ice cream on Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's. While we were standing in line Lydia was looking at this one and kept talking about how it looked like some actress she couldn't remember the name of. She was holding the picture up in between us and looking at the front. The back towards me, I asked her if the name of the actress was named Juliette Lewis, and she said, with surprise, yes. Surprise because this is the kind of information I would normally never be very helpful with. Here's what I found out on the internet just now: Meet Juliette Lewis in 7th grade, the same year she started her acting career. She would later have major roles in Cape Fear, Romeo is Bleeding, The Other Sister, What's Eating Gilbert Grape? and most famously, Natural Born Killers. If you look her up on Wikipedia there's an onslaught of random personal information mixed in with her professional development, reinforcing once again how strange the internet and celebrity culture are, especially when they are woven together and just one search engine away.

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Anonymous said...

ahh Portland, San Francisco's younger not so f'd up little sister.