Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Square One

The semester began yesterday and already I'm swept into the torrent. I had two classes yesterday, both exceptional-- a drawing practicum with Keith Boadwee and Queer Theory class with Tina Takemoto. I'm excited for both and scared for the second-- it's going to be tough. I went to Oakland today for my office hours and bought a bunch of new paper. Now I'm sitting in my studio and trying to do anything I can but draw on it. I've always known that I take a long time to do anything, and over the break I got used to just waking up, coming to the studio and spending the whole day here. Now that my schedule is punctuated with work and class and the distraction of 199 other grad students running around it's hard to keep my concentration pointed and efficient.

I like this picture for the first day of the semester. I remember how awful and amazing it felt at the beginning of every school year at Wesleyan-- so much stuff being carried around, up stairs, into rooms, unpacked. A guitar case that would never be opened, shower kits put together by overbearing mothers, black steamer trunks bedecked with bumper stickers of previous identities. In many ways I'm just continuing with what I've done before-- but the beginning of a semester is always exciting-- a good time to reevaluate projects and priorities.

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