Sunday, January 25, 2009

F is for flashback

I got these in Portland-- and excellent set of beginner-level flash cards. I meant to leave the raccoon with Randi but forgot. The first time we hung out I drove her home and as we were sitting in the car outside of her house a herd of 5 enormous raccoons raced in front of us, across the street and up the tree next to her building. Her friend, Casey, lived on the top floor and reported that on many nights they would sit on a branch outside of her third-story window and just sort of glower through the glass. Once, my good friend Rachel Ostlund told me she wanted to make a random set of flashcards that would include everything and anything--foreign languages, state capitals, multiplication, world history, geography, animal cell components, etc... The idea was born into the air as she and I were making sandwiches for drunk college students at the Neon Deli in Middletown, CT, probably about 4 years ago. I still think it's a great one, and have been considering how flash cards could be used as a strategy to think and talk about memory. I like this particular set because of the way it looks, but each card I can think of a specific friend it would be perfect for, or have a specific memory (like the raccoon) that gets triggered by the image.

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