Sunday, January 11, 2009

Across a table

I drove back to San Francisco yesterday after a great weekend of eating with friends in Portland. I picked up a craigslist rider on my way out of town, an old-soul transwoman who had as loose a tongue as I do. She talked about her experience coming out as trans as a 14 year old, having her first kid when she was 19, working in the sex industry, co-parenting and home-schooling of two small kids, what it means to be dating for a queer mom, how Portland seems like a safe place where all of these things can occur.

I'm back in San Francisco feeling floored with classes starting again tomorrow. Sean and I talked and it seems to us like the event to be working towards is Open Studios, happening this year on Sunday, April 5th, 12-5pm. Apparently all sorts of awards (read: tuition money for next year) are decided then. I'm glad to be back but realize that I didn't ever leave a time for me to catch my breath. It's been forever since I just lounged around all day, doing nothing for nobody. The time I spent in Portland was lovely because I got to eat across a table from lots of friends. I like this vantage because it focuses your attention-- you get to really look at and speak to the other person while remaining autonomous from them.

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