Monday, January 5, 2009


Oh my god I love this photograph so much. I wish I was having this day-- champagne-of-beer, snack, RV camper, sun, and party frock. I spent my day learning how to use my computer and it was raining outside. Bor-ing. I noticed today that the photographs I'm working with on this new drawing about the photographers shadow are pretty much all black-and-white. I wonder if the formal techniques and tactics of picture-taking (in this case, having the sun behind the photographer, causing their shadow to cast into the foreground of the composition) started getting forgotten with the advent of color photography.

I leave for Portland for a few days on Wednesday. I'm pumped. The last time I was really there was way back on the first day of June, right after boxing up and liquidating my apartment and flying to Vermont to teach Quaker kids swimming lessons for the summer. On New Years Georgia and I hugged eachother into 2009 and she asked me, "Would you have ever thought, 5 months ago in Vermont, that this is how we would be spending our New Years?" I'll be honest, there's at least a little apprehension about going back to Portland-- I left really quickly and a lot has changed since then. Kerst and Lydia have reported the demise of Steak Tuesdays due to extensive friend-cest. Emmet quit the farm and moved into Emma's house. Randi's dating someone new and got fired. Emma and Jessi and Dannyand Maggie moved away. Maggie and Holly and Kerst moved back. Everyone seems to be unemployed. Actually, a lot of my friends spend their days doing a lot of the actvity illustrated by the picture above. Regardless, I look forward to a Bins date with Randi, to visiting with the Liz Leach gang, to checking out Jeanine's new gallery, to getting burgers at a strip club with Candice, to cooking extravgant meals with Emmet, to shooting the shit with Annie and her dog Tasche, and going on walks and getting doughnuts with Maggie, and so many other things.

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