Thursday, January 22, 2009

Other people's pictures

Alright, so this isn't my picture... it's from the internet through a keyword search for "incredible stains." It is, horifically, of a blood stain on the floor, and was posted on a website that reports on small cheap hotel/motel/inn experiences. I think it's a really amazing and beautiful picture though, especially since it was made in a hotel room, a place where people go for annonymity and, ostensively, to escape from the narratives of their own lives and the rest of the world. It would be interesting and disgusting to stay in hotels and comb them for evidence of past occupants.

I posted Claes Oldenbergs manifesto yesterday and was thinking, as I biked home last night, that it would be fun to draw all of those kinds of art that he is so unabashedly for. Props to Devon VanPatten Meyer for helping me find that essay.

I've also started thinking more about the rags I brought home from Ithaca and how maybe I could make them into some sort of quilted thing. Drawing them doesn't really seem right for that project, I don't know why. Maybe this is ust me getting a little fed up with the shortcomings of working on a flat paper surface... which questions why my drawings have to be flat, or even on paper... interesting.

Since I already posted a picture that is not mine, I figure I may as well post another one. I think this picture is awesome-- Finger Lakes graffiti.

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