Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Progress Report

Here's all what I have got going on right now:
list drawings-- all our pets, all our ages, all my partners
drawing of sweatshirt stains
book of every craigslist response/ad i have ever written
zine of my 27 Portland housemates
redo drawing of the back of photographs
shadow drawing
drawing of TWS/LMS labels
ceiling stain drawing

Here are things I'd like to do/start:
drawings of Salem Drive rags
drawing of my parents bowl
drawings of my parents' differing stories of the bowl, how they met eachother, etc
drawings of childhood crushes (Keith Haring, Mr. Popaduik, Danny Meagher...)
more drawings with words
drawings about my name
more book covers
pick up some embroidery projects
drawing of TWS mix cds
drawings of google stains
drawings of unsent postcards and letters
zine about getting diabetes
more actual writing in general about memories

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