Thursday, January 22, 2009

diet coke intervenes

The first thing I did when I got to the studio today was spill the remnants of an old can of diet coke on this project I've been torturing myself over this week. I had cut up the text of my mother and father's versions of the same story and was trying to piece them into a single narrative (my own). Thank god, because I was having a hard time letting go of the idea. I think that if I try it again (if if if) I will have them be on magnets so they are easier to control and move around. I also think it's good to be trying mediums outside of drawing on paper, and that magnets might reinforce a domestic frontier that is important to the narrative. Conrad Ruiz helped me take this picture before I dumped them into the recycling. I'll probably be finding these words in my studio for the next year and a half.

I had my first critique of the semester today, with Allison Smith and my Dialogues and Practices class. It was a pretty sleepy critique, but I got positive feedback on the new directions I'm exploring and a couple of people said they thought I was doing a better job of telling stories and talking about my process than I was last semester, which was awesome to hear. People like the list-format drawings of all the pets our family has owned, of my brothers and I at all our different ages seated together, of all the people I've dated on a bed and the series of me with my crushes. I like these too, and think I'll focus on them for the next week.

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