Friday, January 23, 2009

Rag bin

Oh jesus, this picture is horrible. I pulled the rags out today and moved them around for awhile to figure out how I might start piecing them together. I also picked 4 of them to draw. Some things to share:

1) We have a lot of blue towels, a consistency begun, perhaps, with a wedding gift and continued ever since.
2) The brown dish towel in the lower left-hand corner is from my grandmothers house in Indianapolis. I know this because ALL of her dishtowels look like this. I imagine it probably got to our house wrapped around something like a honey-baked ham.
3) The pillow case (second down from the top right corner) was one I used during rest time at preschool and kindergarten. It has my name on it, and small brown bears.
4) The white towel in the middle is a stolen hotel hand towel. As children, Will and I often took advantage of opportunities to heist hotel linens and airline blankets. Maybe we still do-- it always seems like such a good idea!
5) The blue towel in the lower right hand corner has my name, faded, on the bottom right corner, and my brother Dennis's name, in brighter Sharpie, on the bottom left.
6) The bright white and blue square washcloth was heisted by my grandmother, Mimi, from a hotel in China. She thought it was pretty and gave it to us as a souvenir.

I wish that I had taken the entire contents of the rag bin, but I only took the ones I found interesting to look at.

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