Sunday, October 25, 2009

the truth about ghosts

I spent a lot of time today trying not to get brain-washed while doing google research with the keywords "the truth about ghosts." I'm becoming more and more convinced that ghosts are usually a tool that people are using to talk about something else-- but it's complicated to parse out exactly what they're skirting around. Well, anyways, some of it is clearly just absolute hooey, but most of it also, read without commitment to being literal, also seems like it could mean something a little more interesting.

God and ghost loving author Sylvia Browne writes this about where we're going:

As I mentioned earlier, when our bodies die, most of us experience the brilliantly lit tunnel, not descending from some faraway place in the sky but actually rising from our own bodies and leading much more "across" than "up," at about a twenty- or thirty-degree angle. We travel with gorgeous, weightless freedom through this almost sideways tunnel, never for one instant feeling as if we've died but instead feeling more thrillingly alive than we could ever imagine here on earth. All our worries, frustrations, anger, resentment, and other negativity melt away, replaced by the peace and all-loving, unconditional understanding we remember and are about to reunite with at Home. God's sacred white light waits to embrace us at the end of the tunnel, along with loved ones from every lifetime we've ever lived. Even our pets from every lifetime are there to greet us, so eager with the joy of seeing us that the human spirits have to wait their turn to get to us. And once we've arrived on The Other Side, we resume the busy, active, exquisite lives we temporarily left behind to further our spiritual education in the tough school earth provides.

There's a simple, logical reason that the legendary tunnel takes us more "across" than "up"-our destination, The Other Side, that paradise for which we're Homesick from the moment we leave it until we return, is another dimension located a mere three feet above earth's ground level. This very real, idyllically beautiful place exists at a much higher vibrational frequency than we do here, which is why we don't perceive our intimate proximity to it, any more than the normal human ear can hear the extremely high-frequency pitch of a dog whistle. If you've had encounters with spirits from The Other Side, or talked to or read accounts from those who have, you've noticed that very often the descriptions include the impression that the spirits were "floating" a few feet above the ground. While that's often exactly what it looks like through our eyes, what's really happening is that the spirits are simply moving on their ground level at Home, three feet higher than ours.

I'm totally into her specificity of the angle of that tunnel you go down after dying-- totally wild! You can read more of her ideas here: Her love of ghosts at times is irritatingly unwavering and her faith could make the devout blush and the skeptical jealous.

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