Thursday, October 22, 2009

not quite sure

The person who took this picture thought they were preserving the memory of this indeterminable object. The tip of a wooden oar? An airplane propeller? a bench? The only things we can know for sure are that it was taken with a bright flash during an April night in 1966.

Of course the fact that this picture meant something very specific to someone resonates the concern that most artists deal with at some point in their making-- how much sense our art has to make to other people who look at it? This question is one that ignites a conversation with big clumsy words like 'responsibility' 'accountability' and 'accesibility.' My review is next Thursday and I've been wondering how these words will be framed in the context of my current studio practice.


Morgan said...

might it be an accident?

Anonymous said...

Precisely what I was thinking. And then said person couldn't throw it away. So there it remained with all of the "good" shots and the rest of the accidents.