Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I found this photo on the ground and it seemed to be about the color swamp. My advancement review is on Thursday and I'm feeling pretty behind-- I have a few goals in mind: finish a large drawing of an unraveling blue rag, finish the texture detail on a drawing of a pre-cut photo frame, and execute some small drawings of things I'm thinking about so I can have something to show when I ask my review committee to help me think about them. It's been a strange semester because I haven't really been attentively meeting with my advisors, distracted by the demands of out-of-town guests, reading for class and thesis writing--I haven't really had the opportunity to converse and troubleshoot over the things I'm working on. I'm having a hard time articulating why I'm interested in the ghost as a metaphor for memory and how I can draw a ghost metaphor without, well, doing something stupid like drawing a ghost. Time for bed.

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