Friday, October 16, 2009

the siblings

This is a great photo from a nameless antique barn in Vermont. The embossing of the border tells you that the photo was taken in Rutland, Vermont. That's all. There's no other information, which demands that more attention be paid to these three curious sitters. I'm thinking siblings from their faces-- those small tight ears, coarse dark hair, and almost identical noses and lips. I love their gender non-specific bow ties and the long simple strings around the womens' necks. The belts, if you look closely, are carefully composed-- the fellow has his centered while the belt buckles of the bookended women are off-kilter toward the outside of the frame. the photo is so symmetrical that it calls attention to the things that are just barely awry-- the fellows combed moustache and coiffed hair, his crooked collar tips, the beginning of a painted backdrop behind the woman on the left, the single raised eyebrow of the woman on the right.

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