Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Acquisitioned by T.A. Emmet Mosely, IV

I'm not particularly proud of how I got this picture, but I was thinking about my friend Emmet today and he is the motivator behind it's acquisition. Last spring Emmet and I had a friend-date at a small Italian restaurant in SE Portland. I ordered exactly what I wanted and Emmet ordered decidedly the opposite of what he wanted, so we wound up sharing mine. In the bathroom this picture was scotch taped into a small junky frame on a side table and when I told Emmet about how much I liked it, his inner-anarchist, infused with discontent from an unfortunate meal, stole it for me and put it in his pocket. It was such an irresponsibly selfish and wonderful 20-year old thing to do, like when Sarah and I walked out on our bill when our waiter was ignoring us and we ran to the playground down the street and hid in the tire swings. I'm thinking about starting a group for girls to write zines with each other and think that this kind of anti-establishment naughtiness that's also behind zine culture will be perfect to introduce to a 10-14 year old female audience. Hooray! And really, Emmet knows exactly how to drill a soft spot in a girls heart.

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i hear this one the most