Sunday, October 26, 2008

Long time waiting

It's been a little while since my last posting, and since I was last actively working in my studio. On my way to a complete burn-out, I took my first whole day off since moving to San Francisco on Friday. And then I took Saturday off. And now it's Sunday and feels impossible to get back on the art-making blog-writing train but I'm making a leap for it. It doesn't help that I had work today though, nor that my scanner is inexplicably not working. So here's a picture of a picture and the kick-off to reinvested commitment to this project:

This seemd a suitable picture to post since it was the first of what turned into a collection, bought in Asheville, North Carolina, Thanksgiving 2005. I was down there with Margaret's family and it was weird. But this particular afternoon was pretty okay. Margaret had just parallel parked a car for the first time. Flynn, Margaret's little sister, was being silly and 18 years old, sometimes walking a block ahead of us, sometimes walking (barefoot) blocks behind. We got lost in a huge antique warehouse and dissappointed the cashiers by only spending about a buck each. The semester before I had been trying to take pictures underwater by putting my camera inside a big ziploc bag. It didn't work, but makes me appreciate this picture-- imagine a giant 4" by 5" camera stilted in the water-- this family probably had to stand in their silly bathing suits for a really long time waiting.

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