Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yesterday after the opening my mom's friend Ric from Kenya and his partner Jane came by and visited my studio. Meeting Ric when I moved out here helped ignite my interest in figuring out more about my parents. I think it's pretty dumb that I don't know anything about my parents lives from before I was born. The posting I wrote about my mom on October 13th is riddled with mistakes. For example, she lived in Kenya for 4 years, not 5. And she went to Brazil with Rotary, not Quakers and went to Kenya with Quakers, not by herself. And she met my Dad the first week of grad school. And they only dated for 10 months before deciding to get married. This is what I am talking about! And all of these details came from a 5 minute conversation over the phone.

When I asked my mom if she thought it was dumb too, and she disagreed and said she thought it was pretty normal and was surprised that I am even interested. She tells me that when I was living at home as a teenager I was totally disinterested in talking to her, much less hearing her talk about her life. Of course, I remember it differently-- that I was disinterested because no one was telling me what I wanted to know. Then again, when I was a teenager I didn't know yet that teenagers are generally ridiculous, and now I do.

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