Monday, October 20, 2008

lady-artists present....

I convinced Brigid to co-curate a show with me. We walked around and heckled our friends to put pieces in, and then stayed up until an ungodly hour hanging the show next door in the main building. This all happened pretty much on the same day.
That being said, please honor us with your presence at the opening of:

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Bruce Galleries, East 2A and 2B
California College of the Arts
1111 Eighth Street, San Francisco, CA

co-curated by Mara Baldwin and Brigid Mason
an exhibition of 23 first-year MFA female artists, who include:
  • Mara Baldwin
  • Nicola Buffa
  • Georgia Carbone
  • Sofia Cordova
  • Tigerbrooke Fifer
  • Crystal Gonzalez
  • Maggie Haas
  • Erika Hanson
  • Kelly Jones
  • Claire Kessler-Bradner
  • Sasha Krieger
  • Monique Lopez
  • Anna Ludwig
  • Dorathy Lye
  • Steph Mansolf
  • Brigid Mason
  • Rebecca Najdowski
  • Natalia Nakazawa
  • Rebecca Wallace
  • Alice Warnecke
  • Hillary Wiedemann
  • Carmen Winant
  • Sune Woods

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