Thursday, October 9, 2008

D-a-n-c-e spells dance

My head's been in a very bookish mode-- all the unfinished zines I've started are coming back to haunt me, begging to be completed. My (unfinished) first zine was one I was working on in Portland that lists all the roommates I had while living there (27!) and some of my more favorite roommate interviews. It's interesting for me to think about the lists of people in my life and all the different ways they can be categorized. It happened unconsciously when I was writing down people to email about this blog-- I thought about one person and then listed all the people we both knew... and then I picked one of those people and listed all the people that we both knew, and so on. It seemed like a good way to not forget anyone at the time, and it turned into a ridiculous catalogue of people from my past. I'm thinking about working on a new zine about all the people I've been in relationships with by talking about how we danced together (or didn't). I think a project like this needs a motivating prop or consistent undercurrent or else it could seem too nostalgic or unfocused and mushy. And I think it's really interesting-- how I danced with each of these people says a lot about the comfort, connection, and context of those relationships. Becca and I danced in her room, but obviously never at our high school dances. I remember the first time I hung out with Tim we were dancing at a Sim Redmond Band concert with our best friend, Seth. Moxie and Randi made me shy for some reason. Margaret and I were silly and Dave made me feel small and taken care of. I could include friends too-- there is no one more fun to dance and make eyes with than Sarah Cordelia Lipkin. Hannah loved to lead in our swing dance class. Maggie's face lights up in this really inspiring way. It could turn into a disaster kind of project, but everyone around here at CCA keeps talking about how it's good to make bad art sometimes so that you're less likely to do it again-- so that seems like reason enough to try. I have no idea what kind of dance these folks are partaking in, but I love it (look at the cigarette!).

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