Sunday, October 19, 2008

The 7th day, day of un-rest.

Last Friday our Dialogues and Practices class went on a field trip to the Contemporary Jewish Art Museum and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts here in San Francisco-- which was excruciating until they fed us and quite pleasant afterwards. One of the shows up at the CJAM was thematically driven by an open call for artists working with visual representations of the first 6 days of genesis. The show was just okay, with some really awesome illuminated manuscripts from 800 years ago--beautiful. The idea of genesis being fluid and interpretable was much cooler.
Today was a crazy day with deinstalling an undergraduate group review and installing an undergraduate exchange student show. Nevertheless, I experienced my own moment of genesis while messing around with my scanner (see picture). Sune's son has been playing with all the plastic animals I collected from the Bins in Portland over the past two years, so I've been reminded that they're still around and waiting for me to figure out why I still have them. Here's a herd of horses, shot from underfoot. I once started a drawing in Portland of a herd of plastic horses, but was thwarted by my housemate Erin's rotten cat-friend, Jem, who walked all over it after being in our soggy garden.
It's an abstraction of something tangible, like many of the drawings I'm working on right now. Tomorrow I'm putting together a show of awesome lady-artists here in the MFA program with me at CCA, and I'm excited to see how it turns out. There may even be an opening, on Tuesday night (to be established), so keep your schedules open, San Franciscans.

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