Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wallace's first wife (they divorced).

"Berniece Hansen Brooks (Gauthier), Wallace's 1st wife. (they divorced). She became an alcoholic + died as a result of burns by falling against stove. She had a flawless complexion & beautiful body." (written on the back, one could postulate, by Wallace's 2nd wife)
This photo made me remember an obituary a teacher in college once read to our class cut out of the New York Times where an old couple had been unhappily sharing a studio apartment for 30 years. They had set up a sheet hanging from the ceiling to bisect the apartment into two separate sleeping quarters, and would hit at eachother through the sheet while arguing. During one such argument, the husband had a heart attack and the wife thought he was just being dramatic. He perished on one side of the sheet while she went to bed on the other. That's all the information given in the newspaper cutting, but the few sentences there were so visually loaded, sort of like this description of our unfortunate Berniece Hansen Brooks. It's such a great example of something, literally and dangerously cliche, can have two sides. Yup, I said it.

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