Sunday, October 5, 2008

Everything= under control

Today I cut apart two drawings that had been coexisting on the same large piece of paper and started to address how they relate to one another now that they aren't married by proximity. I'm examining this idea with other relationships in my life too-- with friends in other cities, people I'm not dating anymore, family I don't see very often. I decided to post this photograph because its notation articulates the relationships between objects. Listmaking pursues order. Listmaking is how I've been trying to process my own relationships to the people and places I miss. I think that this pursuit of order through repetition and pattern is what a lot of my recent drawings are alluding to. An impossibly large trophy, a 12 foot long friendship bracelet, 135 combs organized by color, a field of lego texture. I hope that these drawings will eventually weave themselves together as representations of how things seem through my own intentional, memory-driven and completely fallible human lens.

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