Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thirteenth (and final) day of X-mas!

We had a great Christmas today, our latest ever (starting around noon), the least presents ever (pretty much every body got socks, lots and lots of socks), the longest lasting ever (it's 7:00pm, we're all still here, all still in our pajamas, all still waiting for dinner). I've done no drawings at all, but I feel great about it-- I think I was confused over what 'doing research' meant-- if I was trying to pump out drawings, really, I wouldn't be able to fashion up new epic Baldwin stories. That being said, tomorrow I'm drawing all day, taking pictures all day, and then heading to Kinko's with Mom to make photocopies of things I don't trust myself to take to San Francisco.

The top picture is the first ornament our family ever got, about 25 years ago. The second shows the effects of the economic recession on the North Pole.

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