Monday, December 1, 2008

Proud Fifi keep on rolling

Last night I packed up my room and this morning I moved to my new house. Welcome to life in the too-fast lane. Since I had no furniture to put my clothes into, I biked to 1)Salvation Army 2)Community Thrift 3)Thrift Town and then finally 4)Mission Goodwill where I finally found a shelf for all my various and sundry things. I'm exhausted but excited to sleep in my new house tonight. I have a curtain! And an uncreaky bedframe! And hooks to hang things on!

I found this photo (and these two little footprints, printed on small laminated pieces of paper) in a beat up scrapbook at Community Thrift after determining that there was no dresser/shelves for a duffel-bag bound girl like me. I stood in line to pay for it because I was in the mood and when I got to the front this surly dude looked at me like I was crazy when I showed him what I wanted to buy. I reached into my pocket, found a dime, and we decided without words that 10 cents seemed like a pretty good price to settle on for a photograph of a hamster in a ball. The question is, is it Fifi, or Pierre? The back of the photo says 1976, so I'm thinking it might be their great-grandparent. The rest of the scrapbook was full of relatively uninteresting poodle pictures.

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