Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Auld Lang Syne

Horrible photographs of the last two drawings I worked on (allllll day today) in 2008. Above, all us Baldwin children as we looked every November of our lives, sitting on bleachers together. My mother has taken pictures of us with our (usually rotting) Halloween pumpkins every year, and has courageously allowed me to borrow them for a few months. Below, the epic stain on our kitchen ceiling in Ithaca, created just last week as a result of my father leaving the bathroom sink running while he was taking a shower. While taking a shower yesterday here in San Francisco I started admiring the grey spotting mold on the bathroom ceiling and am considering rendering it into another big drawing to go with this one.

Above all else, I hope that in 2009 I work on projects that I'm excited about, that I produce lots and lots of amazing drawings, that I sleep 8 hours a night, that I have good relationships with my new advisors, that I continue meeting new people and building a community in this city that still feels new. And then above all of those things I will pick up my penwomanship, will be a steward of self-care, and get my mother's fiddle re-strung.

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