Monday, December 22, 2008

In my grandmother's clothes

Last year while I was home for Christmas my mother had brought home a pile of my grandmothers old clothes from Long Island and wanted me to try them on. After much haranguing and bribery, I did, and my brother helped me take these pictures. These were clothes my grandmother, Mary Tuite Costich, had worn before meeting and marrying my grandfather, from her days of being a young single secretary in Manhattan. Our family watched Holiday Inn today (a Baldwin/Costich family tradition) and my brother asked during the beginning sequence-- did people really used to go out just to watch two people dance? My mother told him to ask my grandmother about it, who apparently used to go out dancing a lot when she lived in New York in the 1940's. It's fun for me to imagine my grandmother jitterbugging and kicking it old school, especially in the totally dame duds that have now been passed down to me. We did, of course, get rid of most of the clothes, but a few dresses we kept and are hanging in my mothers closet for us to rediscover another year.

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Brigid said...

I would eat mud for those two outfits. Just sayin'.

PS: Long Island represent.