Sunday, December 7, 2008

the freakin' weekend

Let me just say that Friday evenings have been my favorite part of being a student at CCA. Dialogues and Practices lets out and students spill out of the studios into the courtyards where all sorts of hilarious gossiping, talking, sharing, and eating happens. Inevitably Conrad and Sean are riding their scooters around, dance parties and art openings are planned and considered. And this is how the weekend begins.

What I'm getting to is that this weekend I didn't really get that much done. Friday night I went to the Dream On! opening at Mission 17 and then the Elbo Room with Maggie, Erika, Hillary and Conrad. Then we headed down Valencia and went to El Rio to meet up with other CCA kids for Klea's birthday. Saturday I spent the whole day coloring a 2" x 7" strip on a new drawing. The. Whole. Day. Last night I met up with Michele and we walked over to Julia and Arielles house for what turned into an embarrasingly 'Wesleyan' party. This morning I slept until I woke up without an alarm clock and then started drawing a new book drawing: The Little House by Mara Baldwin. Then I biked off to see Alice's work at A.Muse gallery (18th and Alabama), and stopped by Community thrift on the way home where I got the goodies scanned in the picture above.

I have two big pre-cut pieces of paper that I'm considering new drawings for. Ideas include one giant tangle of Silene Ecbalium and milkweed bugs (the subjects of my parents dissertations in grad school), the backs of all my smallest school pictures laid out one next to the other and a drawing of all the small random plastic/metal/stone/shell/bone/fiber/wooden bits I've been cllecting for the past two years.

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