Saturday, December 27, 2008

my half-birthday

It's my last day in town and I have got one unfinished drawing to show for the week. But (!!!!) I have so many new ideas and hundreds of photos in my computer ready to be translated into something better. The one drawing I've been working on was the one of all our pets together-- the picture below shows the general layout. Finding the cats was such a debacle, and Dennis and I ran all over the basement to get Spike and Einstein, the brother cats, sons of Missy.

I looked over the checklist I made for this week and found that I had done most of the things. Interestingly, the drawings I was most excited about (based on my parents belongings) are probably going to be put on the shelf for awhile. When I found the broken bowl from Spain that my father glued back together for my mom, I found it dissappointingly small and not really in so many pieces as I elaborate in my rendition of that story. It seems to me I should probably just buy a big old ceramic bowl in San Francisco, smash it into itty bitty pieces and then glue it back together myself. Now that would be interesting.

Let's see, I took pictures of the carvings on the piano, of the huge coffee-colored stains on the kitchen ceiling, of the wallpaper, of the pattern on the china, of the yellow paint peeling off the side of the house. I think all of these things are as epic as the bowl, maybe more embarrassing, which usually means they're more interesting too. We'll see. It's my last night in town and it's 8:00pm and dinner still isn't ready (normal), my mother is horrified at what my brothers are watching on tv, the dog is eating all of the cats' food and I'm waiting for Hannah and Rebekka to pick me up and take me to Purity to get the best icecream in the world, (Bittersweet Chocolate). Oh! And this is important! I'm 24 1/2!

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