Monday, January 4, 2010

potted cosmos

I've been fantasizing about rendering of the spheres of winter-fouled potting soil from aerial photographs I took of the flowerless front porch pots at my parents house. I made this mock up today so I could talk to someone about it once school starts. I'm pretty sure this is an example of a project that might make visual sense before I can really articulate what it's about. What I think it's about is related to that state between two things-- a category of grayness which stony seeds, flowerless soil, mules, ghosts and gays all fall into. All I know is that it HAS to be made for some reason-- a very strong, very rare, and very exciting impulsive feeling. I'm feeling good about the time I've been spending in the studio this week but am starting to feel intruded upon with return of my peers from winter break. School begins next week and every day now there's another person asking me for help with something, another radio playing, and more gossipy hallway conversations to try to block out. I've resolved that it might be time to put up a curtain in my doorway. The countdown to open studios has begun-- 3 months from today.

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