Sunday, January 31, 2010

one thousand five hundred twenty four

I applied to Skowhegan today and after handing in my application was informed by the computer that I was the 1,524th person to apply this year. Basically this residency is harder to get into than most Ivy League schools, but I guess it's worth hoping? A special someone might chime in here something about the power of positive thinking and make me feel better about dropping $45 on an application fee... to which I respond with only the briefest optimism. Well anyways, in the long shot that I get it I'll be back on the east coast for two month in Maine. My mother once told me that I could do a cushy all-expenses covered residency in their suburban Ithaca home-- not sounding too shabby right now (and there's no application fee). Here are some images I spent the whole day shooting and sprucing in photoshop-- at the very least this part of the tedium of putting together a portfolio is over, so applying to other things will be a little easier.

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Anonymous said...

Your work always rises to the top. The freshest of cream each day. You'll go far and Skowhegan will be less for not accepting you.

An Outsider