Friday, January 8, 2010

Obstinate Flesh

"The grotesque body, as we have often stressed, is a body in the act of becoming. It is never finished, never completed; it is continually built, created, and builds and creates another body. More-over, the body swallows the world and is itself swallowed by the world." Mikhail Bakhtin

Presented by:
Rajkamal Kahlon
You Said it Wouldn't Hurt: Perspectives on the Body and Trauma in Contemporary Art

Featured artists:
Mara Baldwin, Nicola Buffa, TigerBrooke, Natalia Gomez, Isaac Gray, Emily Hoover, Liesa Lietzke, Monique Lopez, George Pfau, Indhira Rojas, Sune Woods

Curated by:
Matt Post

1111 Eighth Street
San Francisco, CA

Opening Tuesday, Jaunary 12th 6-9pm

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