Wednesday, April 20, 2011

poised and ready

I'm feeling ready for a big change in my life and am waiting for the cues for it to happen. I should be finding out this week if I'll get a contractual job offer from the school I work at-- if I do, I'll hunker down where I am and finally make a real investment into finding community here. But if I don't, then that's okay too-- I will get a chance to move and try a new place with new people and opportunities. I'm actually not sure which one I'm hoping for more-- it'll feel good to feel wanted the way a job offer makes you feel with the obvious benefits of health insurance (yay!) and a constant salary (double yay!), but I'm also not entirely sure if that want will outweigh my own desire to move on. We'll see when it happens what feels right!

I'm a big fan of this kind of portrait formula-- a person, nice clothes, supportive furniture, backdrop. There's something so momentous and regal about it. The moment captured feels huge, like it's a moment that defines the end and beginning of back-to-back chapters. Certainly in the time when these photographs were taken that is what these photographs marked-- these people may not have gotten their next formal portraits taken for a few years after these ones and the portraits would sit next to each other in scrapbooks as signifiers of how much change happened in between their taking.

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