Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4 ways to show we celebrated

First of all, you should definitely click on this photograph to check out the details. Secondly, the elderly woman who I have named Janet is wearing by far the most wonderful outfit in the picture-- those 'pearls'! Thirdly, only the unassuming patriarch makes an appearance in all four pictures. Fourth of all, his undershirt is no secret.

I remember getting my picture taken like this family in all the various divisions and subdivisions possible (one of the kids, one of the nuclear family, one of all the women, etc....) and being able to recognize how it was sort of a weird practice... as if the set of photographs would EVER get separated and as if one picture of everyone wasn't enough evidence for all. I guess it's about the construction of the event-- depending upon which picture you look at you might tell a different story. Janet, for example, might remark "Oh, and this one here shows all my boys-- you can see how the male baldness progresses with age..." or "Here we are with our lovely daughters... Gayle was always the busty one." In this way she can be a wife, a mother or a grandmother and doesn't have to necessarily be all three in any one photograph, and I can see how that might be a relief.

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