Monday, April 18, 2011


On the back of this photograph it is written:

Little Miss September Morning on July 4th, 1947
That's a grape leaf- not a fig leaf.

Sometimes what is written on the back of the photograph is so funny or compelling that it becomes hard to look at the image again without hearing the words play over in your head. I guess text and images always struggle with eachother in most contexts, but especially when one is making up for a lack of information or clarity in the other, such as this disclaimer does for its corresponding image. It's hard to say because although I think this photo would stand alone without the message the reason why I looked at it the second time (while combing through hundreds of similar photographs) was the fact that it did have this message on the back.

I've been having a hard time making decisions recently because of an inability to extract different components of my experience apart in order to assess what should stay and what should go. Sometimes two different ideas can be married to each other like the front and back of a photograph and it's hard to comprehend one without the other because of their proximity!

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