Sunday, July 5, 2009

what you see from here

Everywhere we go there are signs, some of them oddly beautiful, others poetic or philosophical. Along the road there are even signs that let you know signs are coming up-- "Point of Interest, 2.4 miles". Then you pull over and discover something like you are standing next to the site of where the Chrysler boyhood home once sat. I'd like to take more pictures of these signs because I already collect photographs of signs from other peoples collections. I'm interested in the choice someone made to take a picture of a sign. It implies that the information on the sign is worth preserving, that it means something, that it is personally significant or important. I'm also interested in how the importance of those photographs changes when separated from the pictures of what they describe. It's an interesting medium where speech and sight collapse into one another-- it implies that you can't really know what you're seeing or what you're reading about without the other.

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