Saturday, July 11, 2009

first name basis II

We drove out to Center Moriches today-- me, my mom, brothers Will and Dennis, and our small wheezy dog Credo. We stopped at the Friends cemetery where my Uncle Mark and grandfather are buried and I walked around to check out the first names as I had in Indy. I wasn't surprised to find them more familiar, or as Morgan mused, family-er.

Ralph Harold Helen Tacy Henry Marietta Caroline Byrnina Frederick Titus Ida Grace Eloise Peter Mary Edwin Markham Alice Paul Edwin Alfred Sandra Thomas Samuel Katherine Phebe Martha William Stephen Robert Lydia Richard James Anna George Sarah Carl Edward John Susan Francis Cornelia Adele Charles Wallace Arthur Benjamin William Edmund Clarence Kate Sherman Lendal Harriet Nicholas Adeliza Georgianna Caroline Helen Holland Ella Elizabeth Jane Margaret Jesse Louise Louisa Alexander Daniel Josephine Rose Johanna Jacob Virginia Herman Hilda Everard David Henry Wilbur Chester Jennie Fannie Frederick Angie Irene Ada Alonzo Philip Magdalena Thorne Lois Timothy Dorothy Stanley Edith May Emma Frank Barbara Caryl Florence Abraham Isabel Maud Henry Irene Gail Guy Clinton Ruth Ethel Matilda Eileen Jennie Lucy Nannette Julia Leon Stephen Addie Lillian Charles Eleonor Willets

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