Friday, July 31, 2009

picture perfect

I found these two pictures at an epic antique mall in Oklahoma where Dennis purchased an old wooden pipe and I milled through boxes and boxes of old postcards. I always enjoy finding photographs coupled like this because of all the scenarios it brings into question. The singularity of the shutter snap is deferred, inviting the possibility of multiple outcomes. It's unclear who these two women are and how they know each other or maybe even if they are the same person in different outfits. If it is indeed two women, it's likely that they took one anothers photograph, trading wide straw hat for camera in between. They probably thought they were taking the same picture of one another. Justifiably, the camera was held in the same spot on the old wooden porch and each sitter was perched in the corner of the rail... but everyone's gaze is different and the pictures are evidence of this versatility.

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