Thursday, July 23, 2009

the people I saw

I've seen a lot of my dearests on this trip and am excited for some of their promised visits to the Bay Area. In Ithaca I hung out with Rachel Ostlund and Lauretta Dolch, and met their matches Christopher and Adria, both fine upstanding citizens. I worked at Grassroots where I ran into my highschool English teacher and confidante Rebecca Gergely after dancing into her husbands arms at a contradance. Highschool rowers Doug Bishop and Tucker Barrett came by the stand for a burrito or two and I met some new folks working there who I felt lucky to be introduced to. On Sunday I ate breakfast with Rebekka Grohn and then drove to western Mssachussetts to eat dinner with Morgan Kerchner and her parents. Morgan and I drove up to Vermont to visit the camp I worked at last summer where I rekindled with a whole slew of counselors and mini campers including Taylor Ross, Sarah Kinsler, and Reeve Basom. My good friend Link Klinkenborg got a job working at another camp down the road, so I got to see her too, and then Emmet Mosely drove down from Stowe on his day off so that the four of us could play hooky after all-camp dinner to get a drink at an Irish pub in Ludlow. On Wednesday I dropped off Morgan at the Boston airport and stayed the night with Hannah Kohut and her boyfriend Patrick Duff. I ran into Rebekka randomly again and then went to go meet up with Adina Bricklin, a very close friend from college whom I hadn't seen in a couple of years. I realized that there are so many people to rekindle with on the east coast that by the time I get back to the Pacific Ocean I will have to rekindle with people there too.

These pictures were taken by a foster kid in Boston with a disposable camera I gave him when I was volunteering for a foster family support organization one summer in college. It was a photo-taking scavenger hunt and this kid was the only one who actually finished his roll of film, though the pictures turned out to mostly be of his own out-of-focus face.

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