Friday, July 10, 2009


Will and I ran into some trouble in the middle of Ohio when my debit card stopped working. After two hours on the phone with Bank of America, also known as Dumbest Bank Ever, it was determined that they had shut down the card because it had been used by an unknown party traveling across the country. When I pointed out that I was part of that unknown party the bank representative floundered and apologized for me being shit-out-of-luck.

We didn't have enough money to get to Center Moriches so we swung on north to Ithaca. It was great to get home, albeit unexpectedly soon. Will got to hang out with his sweetheart for a couple days and I got to sleep, get a new debit card, walk around Ithaca, meet up with my friend Seth Bernstein and have dinner with Rachel Ostlund and Lauretta Dolch. I bought these stereo cards and a couple of handkerchiefs from a small antique shop downtown that I really like called Pastimes.

Will and I are determined to finish the final leg of our trip. We're hitching a ride with our mother and youngest brother out to Center Moriches tomorrow morning for the final visit to Grammy's house before she moves out. And maybe also go to the beach too.

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