Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things begin to settle.

Good Lord. I had decided before the summer began that it would be one of abundant productivity-- so far it has not. The biggest problem with this promise to myself is that I forgot that productivity has pretty much been the sole purpose of my life and cornerstone of my schedule for the past 8 months, and that everyone needs a break. James Gobel came into my studio unexpectedly today and was surprised at the lack of new things on my walls. I got pretty defensive about it because at least some part of me feels guilty about not doing a lot of the things I had set out to do. But it's still May, and there's still time. Some developments of the past couple of weeks: I submitted work for a fellowship and a show at Root Division, dropped of my stuff at SOMArts for the THREADS show coming up in June, had old friends in town, had dinner with George and a potluck with my Queer Theory class, met new people at a bar and have been spending time learning more about one of them in particular. Yesterday I spent an entire day not working on or worrying about my studio practice. Instead I watched dogs at the park, got horrifically sunburnt on one side of my face, made guacamole and took a walk to places I hadn't been before. Today I'm back and strategizing for the summer. My family and I spoke on the phone about this big roadtrip and Dennis and I discussed our plan for driving through the South. Tomorrow is going to be a good and busy day (I'm feeling it).

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