Sunday, May 24, 2009

blasts from the past

I hung out with Danny Toman yesterday and he gave me these pictures from two summers ago when we lived together in a cooperative lovingly called "The Long House" by our housemates and "Puerto Rico" by our temperamental neighbors. Summers are always great, but this one was especially high in the rankings. I was working on the farm and living with 7 wonderful housemates, totally satisfied in my singleness. That's me on the left above and the far right below-- I remember feeling like a total bombshell that night. It was a summer of karaoke, arts and crafts, dressing up in costumes, experimental baking and active participation in the Portland Public Library circulation. These pictures were taken by Danny the night of our formal going away party for Edna Bonhomme (below, far left), who was the first housemate to leave. Genevieve Skroudys (below, second from the right) left for New York City this week after graduating from Reed College, the last housemate of our original crew to leave the house on Long Street.

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