Saturday, May 30, 2009


I worked in the studio all day on some new drawings I'm excited about. I've been trying this new thing by drawing on paper mounted onto panel, a passionate love affair with this technologically advanced concept is brewing. I have to admit that my advisor James has been telling me to try this from the get-go and met with considerable skepticism and wimpiness by yours truly. Sometimes it's hard when people suggest things that are just so right. I'm helping him move his studio on Tuesday in gratitude.

Tomorrow a bunch of CCA kids and their friends/families are going up to Alice Warnecke's house on the Russian River-- a trip long anticipated and officially marking entry into summer (June, after all, is the next day). This summer seems endless. In grade school having 2 months of seemed epic and in college having 3 months off just seemed like an egregious systematical error. But 4 months... 4 months is a third of a year. 4 months is longer than a season. Enough of that though-- time to pack up the van, grab the dog, and go swimming.

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