Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shrines of Remembrance

I found a slide projector in the back storage of the media center that has a timer feature so that the carousel will automatically forward every 5/8/15 seconds. I've started sorting out a slide show that will be just for Open Studios (next Sunday, April 5th, 12-5pm) featuring cropped and underexposed images, pictures of signs, and slides that fall under the category "The Good Life." I remembered the slide in the image posted, one I was given by Danny Toman, an old housemate. It's of this structure in Australia that serves as a war memorial and monument for peace. The actual image isn't actually very good-- the memorial is back lit, the colors dark and ambiguous-- but the reason I like it is for the handwritten title, "Shrine of Remembrance." The act of picture-taking is motivated by the pursuit of constructing some sort of shrine of remembrance, to record how things are so we can someday look at images of how things were. I'm under the impression that almost all actions are probably motivated by some sort of internal awareness of ones own mortality, and think that maybe all productions (and most certainly art-making!) can be read as a form of shrine construction.

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