Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My big Little

Today, 20 years ago, my brother Willis Patrick Baldwin was squeezed into the world in Somerville, NJ. We moved into this house about 10 blocks down the street not too long later, and there we are with matching haircuts and tall white socks on the front steps, teeny tiny us.

Let's talk about this picture-- there's a lot to see and say. The Nissan, known to our family as the Denissan (my mom's name is Denise! We are so clever and funny!), is eclipsed by our family's first hedges. We never quite got a hang of how to take care of those hedges-- they always looked either really over-zealously shorn or we would allow them to ravenously grow until our first floor windows were completely eclipsed by abundant hedgery. The fancy window upstairs leads into what was my parents room-- I was always so jealous of that window. It seemed like that window should be the atmospheric gateway for the Baldwin family resident princess, clearly me. My parents resented my jealousy because that fancy window had only the smallest openings to let air in and out-- consequently, their room was like a bathhouse during the summer, while I langourously slept in front of my large (albeit, totally un-fancy) and open breezy windows. Will and I loved to pull up the dandelions and onion grass that proliferated in our yard. We dared eachother to eat small constructed salads of those small measly onions and crusty dandelion leaves, served on overturned frisbees. Delicious. Now we are both big and never do such foolish things, unless we are constucting a "garden salad" for Dennis, our 15 year old brother and officially the last Baldwin teenager standing.

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