Tuesday, March 24, 2009

is bigger better?

Someone at school had an extra slide carousel they weren't using so I finally got to project some of the slides I've been holding aside and see what they really look like. Here are some of my favorites from the cropped and obscured ones. Yesterday in one of my classes an artist named Steve Hurd came up from LA to talk to us. I met with him after class to talk about the things I'm working on, since he uses photographic material and projection to make his paintings. His paintings, however, and unlike my drawings, are HUGE and AMAZING. They made my drawings seem piddly and small. He reacted the most positively to my drawings of textiles and the backs of photographs, but not very well to the smaller drawings I've been working on recently. He said he didn't like them because there weren't entry ways by which a person could really get into them. I interpret what he said into "bigger is better." It just might be true. I might just have to go there.

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